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2012 Ontario Sport Awards.

April 22, 2013

Celebrating Ontario’s finest …..
Sport plays an essential role in the daily lives of many Ontarians and Ontario provides recognition for the accomplishments of those involved.

In 2012 the OCA nominated TV Cogeco for a Corporate Sport Citation, these are presented annually by the Province of Ontario to corporations that have been a leader in supporting sport through sustained corporate involvement over several years.

“TV Cogeco has used curling as a terrific opportunity to engage volunteers in the community with many going on to satisfying careers in the radio/TV broadcast industry. Cogeco has been partners with the Ontario Curling Association since 2003”.

Congratulations and our thanks to TV Cogeco!

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Tim Caddigan (TV Cogeco) & Minister of Tourism, Culture & Sport , Michael Chan, 18/4/2013
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