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Level 3 Ice Technician course

April 19, 2013

The CCA is in the final stages of organizing a Level 3 Ice Technician course in Sudbury for late June.

The session will require a minimum of 16 ice techs to proceed.

The course will focus on arena ice making with participants working with a national ice technician doing an actual installation (from start to finish) coupled with classroom work and professional presentations on water, paint, decals, stones, refrigeration, scrapers.

The session will last five days and the cost (about $750) will include accommodations at Laurentian University and lunch each day. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Sudbury, Ontario.

The dates are arrival on June 23 with departure on June 28.

All participants must be certified Level 2 with at least 3 years experience as an ice technician at a recognized curling rink following that level 2 accreditation.

Ice techs who are interested in participating are asked to contact Danny Lamoureux at the CCA for further details.

Danny can be reached at:
    email :
    phone : (613) 834-2076 x. 116
    toll free : 1-800-550-2875 x. 116

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