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Youth Waivers Required.....

November 09, 2012

Youth waivers are required by ALL players in youth events.

All players under the age of majority entering an OCA youth event (Juniors, Bantams, Junior Mixed & Bantam Mixed) must also have their parent or legal guardian sign the youth waiver.
See the new Youth Waiver (Exhibit 6).
Completed Waivers can be faxed to 905-831-1083 or scanned/emailed to


1) Do only participants under the legal age of majority have to complete?
  • No, every participant in a youth event regardless of age has to sign the waiver and if that individual is under the legal age of majority, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the form to be eligible to compete.
2) Will one waiver per participant be acceptable for the entire curling season?
  • No, a signed waiver is necessary for each competition entered.
3) Can the completed waiver be faxed to the OCA office in advance of the competition?
  • Yes via fax, email, hand deliver or mail providing it is received at the OCA office at least several days before the competition begins.
4) Does a completed waiver sent into the OCA office before the start of zone play downs also remain valid for subsequent levels of play ie: regions and provincials?
  • Yes, one signed waiver per event is fine.
5) Can I bring the waiver to the competition?
  • In some circumstances, we realize that a player may be replacing another at the last minute and in that scenario, the completed waiver may be given to the OCA rep looking after the event at the host club before the start of that level of the competition.
6) Where do I find the blank waiver?
7) What happens if a team plays with a participant who hasn’t completed a waiver?
  • If that team has started play, that player would be declared ineligible and the team disqualified from the event.
8) What if a team shows up at a competition and learns that one of their players hasn’t completed a waiver and is unable to get a parent’s or legal guardian signature?
  • We would suggest the team play with three to remain eligible.
9) What if I choose not to have my child sign a waiver?
  • Your child would not be eligible to compete.

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