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New this season

September 18, 2012

Part of entering an OCA competition is agreeing to the rules.

The rules are comprised of the latest:
CCA Rules of Curling,
OCA Rules Supplement
and each competition sign-up sheet.
The most significant changes are:-  

Thinking time not playing time.
In line with the new Sept. 2012 – Sept. 2014 CCA Rules of Curling (pages 34 – 37) we have adopted Thinking Time.
See the revised
OCA timing guidelines (Exhibit 15).
Draw for hammer in all events.
In all events (few exceptions) we now draw for hammer.
See the revised
Last Rock/Choice of Colour (Exhibit 21).
No more restrictions for COLTS players.
See the new
Colts sign up sheet.
Youth waiver required by ALL players in youth events.
All players entering an OCA youth event (Juniors, Bantams, Junior Mixed & Bantam Mixed) must have their parent or guardian sign a youth waiver.
See the new 
Youth Waiver (Exhibit 6).
Completed Waivers can be faxed to 905-831-1083 or scanned/emailed to

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