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Online Criminal Record Checks

October 20, 2011

The OCA requires a police check for every coach at youth curling competitions. We have registered with to provide an alternative method to obtain a police check without using your local police station. In most cases using will provide results next day from Canadian Police. However a “Not Clear” result will still require you to initiate a local police check. is a revolutionary service that provides Canadians the opportunity to obtain their own background check online and share it wherever they work or volunteer, including the OCA.

Results arrive in your secure personal account from Canadian Police and you can share results with any of the thousands of organizations already registered with at no additional cost. You can also invite any organizations to register with us and view your results for free!

How does it work? 

Go to to create your own account:

1. Select your Province from the Criminal Record Check option of your choice.
2. Click on "Register Here" and create your account.
3. Accept the email invitation and pay via credit card.
4. Verify your identity - download your account generated ID Verification forms and visit any of the 5000 participating CANADA POST retail outlets to have your identity verified. Canada Post will review your consent form, verify your ID, and submit them electronically – all in about 5 minutes!

5. Results are posted in your account, ready to be viewed and shared online. You will receive an email notification as soon as they have arrived.
6. Share your results with other member organizations of, or invite an organization to join for FREE.

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