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Posting of zone playdown draws.

November 20, 2013

What has to happen before a zone draw is posted and what factors are considered when doing draws? 
  • Once the number of teams is known (usually Monday afternoon after Sunday deadline), that info is passed along to the zone rep 
  • Zone rep reviews and considers how much ice will be required for the play down(s) which may include both genders. . . occasionally multiple events are played together 
  • Zone rep consults with host club rep about a possible schedule that allows for the best usage of ice for the event. . .in some cases, zone play downs are held with regularly scheduled leagues or rentals also taking place simultaneously 
  • In many cases, clubs certainly like to maintain their Friday evening league(s) as they are large revenue generators 
  • Once the schedule has been agreed upon by the zone rep and host club rep, it is sent to OCA office, reviewed and posted on the website 
  • Please keep in mind that the start of this process to the website posting could as little as a day or perhaps more than a week depending on availability of zone reps and host club reps 
  • We strive to post as soon as we have in hand but also remember that the zone and host club reps are volunteers! 
  • During the course of a season we post 384 zone draws, each one requiring individual attention.

 Thanks for your patience!

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