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Before Registering for any Coaching Course please read “What Course should you take?” and make sure you are in the correct coaching “stream”.

For further Coaching course details and prerequisites please see the COACH COURSE OUTLINES.

Please register on-line or contact Angela at 1-877-668-2875 or

The National Coaching Certification Program is a coach training and certification program for 65 different sports. NCCP workshops are designed to meet the needs of all types of coaches, from the first-time coach to the head coach of a national team. The NCCP is the recognized national standard for coach training and certification in Canada.

While continuing to equip coaches with the tools they need to become successful community leaders, the program itself has undergone a number of changes in recent years. The Coaching Association of Canada has adapted the NCCP to fit today’s coaching environment. Among these important changes has been a shift in emphasis from “what a coach knows” to “what a coach can do”. This transformation to a competency/outcome based approach has been a key factor in the re-development of the program.

If you have taken an NCCP course prior to the fall of 2009, your NCCP records under your “CC number” will be transferred according to the “old to new transfer policy”. To view the details of the transfer policy please go to:

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Designed to train a coach of a medium to advanced performance team. After completing the workshop the coach is considered to be a “Competition Coach In-Training”.
Grants may be available from the Coaches Assoc. of Ontario to partially subsidize travel & registration (

None currently scheduled, please check back later

Evaluation for Competition Coach

Contact Tom Ward at the OCA office. 905-831-1757


Designed for coaches and instructors who functions primarily at the club level. The Club Coach will be competent in training curlers from youth to masters, with skill levels of beginning to intermediate.

None currently scheduled, please check back later


Designed for coaches who do not require certification but become involved on a voluntary basis. Participants tend to work with curlers of all ages who are new to the sport, but most particularly with Little Rock Curlers.

None currently scheduled, please check back later