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About The OCA

The Ontario Curling Association is an association of curling clubs covering the southern part of Ontario. Services and programs, including a variety of competitions are supplied to the clubs and their members.

Over 200 curling clubs from the Quebec border on the east, to Windsor & Sarnia in the west and Parry Sound in the north belong to the Association. This translates to over 800 sheets of ice and approximately 55,000 club members being registered by the clubs.

The area is divided into 4 regions and each region is further divided into 4 zones. Each of the 16 zones has a Zone Representative, an Associate Zone Representative and a Junior Zone Co-ordinator. In addition each zone has a Zone Liaison appointed from among the voting members of the Executive Committee to assist.

Each club appoints a Men’s, Women’s and Junior Club Representative to work under the leadership of a Zone Representative.

A volunteer Executive Committee is comprised of a Board of Directors, up to 10 Members-at-Large, 2 Players Representatives and the 16 Zone Representatives. The Board of Directors sets policy and direction for the Association. Their decisions are presented to the full Executive Committee for ratification at an Annual Meeting, usually held in June.


The Ontario Curling Association is a voting member of the Canadian Curling Association, which in turn is a member the World Curling Federation.

The Ontario Curling Association works closely with, and shares office space with Ontario Curling Council. The Ontario Curling Council is the provincial funding arm of curling in the whole province.

Close ties are maintained with the curling association in Northern Ontario as well as a number of regional associations.

The association also has a number of program partnerships with other groups including Ontario Special Olympics.