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Much had happened since we crowned our Tankard Championship Team of Mark Kean, Mat Camm, David Mathers & Scott Howard.

We now have our new Senior champions. Our teams at the National Championships will be: from Ottawa C.C. the team of Jeff McCrady, Brian Lewis, Mike Johansen, Graham Sinclair and from Guelph C.C. the team of Kathy Brown, Donna Buchan, Jan Seager and Nancy woods.

Also decided is the Ontario Mixed Doubles team of Brad & Casey Kidd from the Peterborough C.C.

The Best Western Intermediate Mens & Womens Championship saw the ladies team from Rideau win, Cheryl McBain skipped with Susan Goheen, Sandy Aldridge and Sheryl Dobenko. On the Men’s side it was the team from Stroud skipped by Cory Heggestad with Andrew Thompson, Jeff Gilbert and Darryl MacKenzie.

Up next will be the Colts and Trophy Champions.


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